Sunday, July 8, 2007

About Kalena's Studio

Welcome to Kalena's Studio. In case you wonder if Kalena means anything, it's actually my name (Karen), in Hawaiian. A good friend once did the translation for me, and I really love it.

I cannot define the real scope of the studio's work yet, as I am still building my portfolio from a series of ongoing projects. A lot artwork is under steady progress, and I'm still learning some fabric printing techniques. My favorite materials are paper, fabric, ribbons and graphic. While I seek to retain a certain amount of focus in this blog (of which I am not sure, as of now), this blog serves dutifully to keep precious memories for one who hopes not to suffer memory loss in future, but is surely having difficulty recollecting now.

Take a peek at Kalena's Kitchen for some chocoholic fun in the kitchen!

I also have an online store selling sewing supplies and cards! Come visit!~~~

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