Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fabric Postcards... Kinda like them..

I've gotten blisters cutting through fabric and these 407 gsm cardstock, but it fills me with an inexplicable joy and satisfaction when I get a clean and fray less cut. I love paper and I love fabric, and whilst I procrastinate getting a new sewing machine, I think these fabric postcards are a natural product from all my sewing supplies and paper bursting out of my shelves.

Cutting through such thick card kind of reminds me of model making days in architectural school, just a whole lot easier when you don't need to care about scale and it's 2-D! Woohoo!

I've posted 2 sets for sale in my store. I don't think I can make a lot of them in a day, because my rotary cutter is not strong enough and my fingers are getting quite sore. Time to go shopping for a better cutter, hur hur hur...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Filling my store...

I have been listing a number of items, and I'm really pleased with how my Etsy store looks now. I have vivid pictures of how my dream store will be like (favorite past time includes daydreaming). Here are some grab screens when my favorite items are on top.

One of my favorite items are the pink and grey linen bundle, which has always been a one of favorite colour combination (after pink and brown)! I would love to get some purple and olive linen to make some coasters and aprons, but having said that, you'd be stunned to know I am still shopping for a sewing machine? I have a terrible habit of buying things in the wrong sequence (if I ever mentioned I bought a standing cake mixer before getting an oven?) Haha... something I have issues understanding myself, a little too haphazard and impulsive I think!

Okie, I guess I should concentrate on getting a nice little sewing machine instead of more fabrics then!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Giftwrapping - Baby gifts

I must have procrastinated more than 1 month to wrap these presents. S. finally remarked that I do it soon, before the baby stuff didn't fit the babies anymore. Ha! Little did he knew I was smart not to get clothes and what-not that wouldn't fit over time. I love to shop for baby stuff, they are so tiny and cute, but when it comes to buying baby clothes for friends' newborns, I resist every temptation to get even 2-3 sizes bigger than their present size. I heard they grow really quickly, and don't you think they look so snug and comfy wrapped in blankies? So I usually get photo albums, photo frames, blankies, burpies and stuff for mommy. Recently 4 of my ex-colleagues had new additions to the family. Great time to hit the stores again.. hee hee... and to the paper shops. I am a total packaging freak.

I came across this Japanese giftwrapping book which uses lots of fabrics. Really pretty, and I decided to use some of the newly bought linen. Yummy pink. I hope Teri likes the packaging as much as the linen hat and bag inside.