Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fabric Postcards... Kinda like them..

I've gotten blisters cutting through fabric and these 407 gsm cardstock, but it fills me with an inexplicable joy and satisfaction when I get a clean and fray less cut. I love paper and I love fabric, and whilst I procrastinate getting a new sewing machine, I think these fabric postcards are a natural product from all my sewing supplies and paper bursting out of my shelves.

Cutting through such thick card kind of reminds me of model making days in architectural school, just a whole lot easier when you don't need to care about scale and it's 2-D! Woohoo!

I've posted 2 sets for sale in my store. I don't think I can make a lot of them in a day, because my rotary cutter is not strong enough and my fingers are getting quite sore. Time to go shopping for a better cutter, hur hur hur...

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