Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry X'mas Gang!!!

I have waited so long to post this. The girls in Singapore should be receiving their packages on Christmas Eve. Fen in London should get it early next week, and Von in Chicago should be getting it 2 weeks after (sorry Von! I have not sent out yours for some funky reasons. You'll know later! Haha...)

NO! I did not sew the bears. All I did was embroider your names on scarves for these little stuffed animals. Each bear is a little different. Ladies, I picked one randomly for each for you (closed my eyes, said your name and grabbed one on the table.) No favoritism alrighty? ^___^

Roll Call time!!!









Just want to tell all of you I miss you! I miss home terribly. Next X'mas, I shall be home having fried carrot cake (and chilli crabs, hokkien prawn noodles, char kuey tiao, bak kut teh, satay & the best chicken rice in the world.)

Take care and enjoy the happy holidays!!! *MUAK*

Monday, December 22, 2008

Yay!!! Gingham Ribbons in the Store!

Hooorayyyy! I finally have gingham ribbons in the store. Actually, the real "motive" to purchase them in bulk is to make some funky stuff for my kid. I know it's too cute and sweet (especially the 2 pinks) and I had told myself (before being preggie) that I absolutely would NOT color-code my children with pinks and blues, but I find myself eating my words. I just bought a pink and grey rocking chair today. *gasp*

Okie! No more pinks. I'll shop for cool neutrals for my baby. And a chocolate or khaki stroller. And no cutesy graphics on the cot bedding. Well, that's even more un-do-able than chocolate ice-cream! How can any mommy resist all the cuteness?!?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What a White Christmas

"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas..." The magnetic voice of Elvis kept drumming in my ears, in the silence of my cold empty apartment.

This will be the start of a lonely week since S. is away for a bit, but strangely I don't feel at all that bad this time round. Maybe it's because of my little one inside me (feel her somersaulting on some days,) or maybe it's because I'm so preoccupied being crafty (ha! I mean doing craft work.)

I have been sewing, finishing a bag (very belated bday gift for friend) and making cards. Yes, making X'mas cards when it's now too late to send out to friends overseas. Seems like I would never changed my attitude to "Never late than never." But hey, doesn't Christmas last 12 days?

These Christmas cards are similar in construction to Miu~ cards. Love the sheer simplicity and very rich texture of white card and embroidery laces. I have been having a thingie for white stuff lately. Been looking at white nurseries, white swaddling blankets and even a white-ish stroller (is it really impractical to get a white stroller?)

Okie, sorry to be distracted, back to the cards. I am very pleased to be invited to do a guest post on Chickedee-Chickedee today. My first contact with Ruth, lovely cheerful lady behind this blog was many months back via Etsy. She recently came to my little store, and I'm really delighted to be able to touch base again. When she asked if I would be keen to do a post, topic being anything craft related, I was very excited and thought I'll do a tutorial again. I realize it's one of those things people do bother to read in detail.

I won't go into the full tutorial on my blog, as you could view full steps on how to make this white-on-white X'mas card here on Chickedee-Chickedee. Of course, if you have no laces at home, you could drop by my little craft supply store! ^___^

Merry Christmas everyone! To family (though mom has yet to figure out how to turn on her 1-year-old iMac,) to friends (though you don't know your talented friend has a blog,) to strangers (thank you, you probably are the only ones chancing upon this.)

8 days more to go!!!