Monday, December 22, 2008

Yay!!! Gingham Ribbons in the Store!

Hooorayyyy! I finally have gingham ribbons in the store. Actually, the real "motive" to purchase them in bulk is to make some funky stuff for my kid. I know it's too cute and sweet (especially the 2 pinks) and I had told myself (before being preggie) that I absolutely would NOT color-code my children with pinks and blues, but I find myself eating my words. I just bought a pink and grey rocking chair today. *gasp*

Okie! No more pinks. I'll shop for cool neutrals for my baby. And a chocolate or khaki stroller. And no cutesy graphics on the cot bedding. Well, that's even more un-do-able than chocolate ice-cream! How can any mommy resist all the cuteness?!?

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