Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hip Hip Hooray! Miu~ off to a new home...

I'm so excited I sold my first Miu~ card. It's one of my favorite too. Have been keeping busy with card making. It turns out to be really relaxing and therapeutic. Honestly, I had been so distracted and busy with so other things (somewhat unimportant) and got so focused on my pregnant woes that I have forgotten the joy of crafting and baking. I'm so glad to be in touch again.

Here are some photos of my creations. Though tedious to make, it's loads of fun matching the colors and cutting minute pieces of fabrics.

I also have a very bad habit of tracking the number of views of each card on Etsy. Well, I don't get many views in my store to start with, but it keeps me excited and all hyped up about which card has the most appeal, even if it tops the chart by a mere 5-10 views.

Okie, I think it's time to start thinking of a new series. The last (and only) series is sofa-centric. I'm hoping to start something for the kitchen and bedroom. Time to start drawing again! There's always a big inertia for me to start sketching. I guess I'm more of a penknife-and-scissors than a pen-and-pencil person.

Really glad someone bought a card from me! I hope I have a happy customer. Can't wait for the card to reach its new home miles away.


daisy janie : scoutie girl said...

Your cards are unbelievably gorgeous!!! I run the blog http://www.scoutiegirl.com, and I would love to post about your work. Can you send me a small paragraph about your Miu cards???

Karen said...

Hi Jan, thank you so much for featuring me in your blog!!!

Amateurish Food Photographer said...

Hey babe,
u r expecting? congrats!!