Monday, May 19, 2008

The Magic 500

I was looking through some page views on my online shop, and I kind of got a shock at this one, with 500 views in a month. Well, I think I never seen many of my items close to 200 views, least say 500. I am not sure what happened, maybe it was featured, or maybe item views had a bug? (NOOO!!!! hope not...)

Then, I went to take a look at the number of hearts, it was really nice to be hearted by 500 users! Not that it is many by comparison (I think many great sellers have thousands), but it still put a little smile on my face.

I'll do a post to commemorate any "1000" figure, if I should ever reach that.

Off to bed to dream about 500 hearts, 500 cookies, 500kg of luscious chocolates, 500yards of funky fabrics...

Zzzzzz..... ^_-

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corsage said...

Found this one too :) Keep in touch yah!