Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another Fine Day! Featured in Scoutie Girl!

I woke up yesterday and had the most lovely surprise (it's as good as a surprise party I'm telling you...) I had a message from Jan, talented textile designer behind Daisy Janie, and writer at Scoutie Girl, which features fabulous finds from indie designers and artists. It was a really encouraging message and she told me she wrote about my cards in her blog. I couldn't believe my eyes and started jumping up and down. Normally I would snooze a little after checking my emails, but yesterday's was a tip-tap morning in the kitchen. I fixed a quick breakfast, and got back to my desk to re-read it again! Woooah! It's real!

You could read more about the feature here. I am very grateful to have Miu~ written about. While she doesn't yearn for excessive fame and attention, she's glad that more people are reading about some of her stories.

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