Saturday, March 1, 2008

Giftwrapping - Baby gifts

I must have procrastinated more than 1 month to wrap these presents. S. finally remarked that I do it soon, before the baby stuff didn't fit the babies anymore. Ha! Little did he knew I was smart not to get clothes and what-not that wouldn't fit over time. I love to shop for baby stuff, they are so tiny and cute, but when it comes to buying baby clothes for friends' newborns, I resist every temptation to get even 2-3 sizes bigger than their present size. I heard they grow really quickly, and don't you think they look so snug and comfy wrapped in blankies? So I usually get photo albums, photo frames, blankies, burpies and stuff for mommy. Recently 4 of my ex-colleagues had new additions to the family. Great time to hit the stores again.. hee hee... and to the paper shops. I am a total packaging freak.

I came across this Japanese giftwrapping book which uses lots of fabrics. Really pretty, and I decided to use some of the newly bought linen. Yummy pink. I hope Teri likes the packaging as much as the linen hat and bag inside.

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