Saturday, March 22, 2008

Filling my store...

I have been listing a number of items, and I'm really pleased with how my Etsy store looks now. I have vivid pictures of how my dream store will be like (favorite past time includes daydreaming). Here are some grab screens when my favorite items are on top.

One of my favorite items are the pink and grey linen bundle, which has always been a one of favorite colour combination (after pink and brown)! I would love to get some purple and olive linen to make some coasters and aprons, but having said that, you'd be stunned to know I am still shopping for a sewing machine? I have a terrible habit of buying things in the wrong sequence (if I ever mentioned I bought a standing cake mixer before getting an oven?) Haha... something I have issues understanding myself, a little too haphazard and impulsive I think!

Okie, I guess I should concentrate on getting a nice little sewing machine instead of more fabrics then!

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