Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Online Store!!!

I am really delighted to have found Etsy. It's *THE* place to buy all things handmade. Loads of talented artists are selling and sharing their experiences on their sites and blogs. I remembered I spent about 5-6 hours on Etsy some months ago, admiring the various art pieces, some super-duper-cool bags and I swear I could feel the artists' passion and hard work gleaming through. Each store is adorned with a banner, items well described, photographs well taken. I bet everyone took pride in setting up their online stores.

I'm currently putting up some of my ribbons for sale! Kind of ashamed of it actually, when almost all fellow Etsy-ers had something they made. Maybe I should step out of the kitchen and get back to the studio. Well, I still took joy in setting up MY FIRST ONLINE STORE! haha... I'm quite excited really. I took close to 4 hours putting it together, and am still listing some items. I"m looking forward to putting some of my paper products up soon. How soon is soon? Hur hur hur... I don't quite have an answer.

Fellow Etsy-ers, please feel free to drop a note. Do come round to my corner!

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