Sunday, August 26, 2007

Un-serious design

I wonder why I have to wait till the middle of the night (or rather morning) to start working on this. It's 3.11 am, and I felt a strong urge to do some graphic tweaking in photoshop. Strangely (Insanely would be a better word), I think I am starting to miss those hell-no-i-won't-do-it-again days when we worked 48, sometimes up to 60 hours non-stop in the architectural studio. We would procrastinate (we prefer to use the term "conceptualize") and then start doing some "real" work almost always too late to meet the deadline. The only difference (and it makes all the difference), is that now I don't have a deadline to meet, and I am enjoying the process a lot more.

This isn't really the sort of work we did in archi school. You would have not been taken seriously if flowers or pink appear on your presentation boards, and criticised with absolutely no tact nor mercy. We do it MONOCHROME, cool, with dignity and austere simplicity. *period*

Haha... I am just hoping friends from the field won't pop in here and start sneering at how i changed!

Credit of the beautiful damask floral print/pattern goes to The Inspiration Gallery.

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