Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Enough Ribbons for 50 years...

I just commented on a close friend's blog to tell her I have enough ribbons for all of us for another 50 years, and told her not to contemplate getting any from stores. That's probably an exaggeration but now that I look at all I have stocked up in my little store, I think it could be for real (not unless, of course, if I have a lot of ribbon-fan-customers.)

I need a ribbon shelf to store them neatly. I have been toying with the idea of converting one of our rooms into a pseudo retail store, with double layers of top-hung roller shelves displaying all the laces and ribbons, and a long solid wooden shelf for fabrics. Sewing machine on an island work table. Probably another book shelf? Superb plan! Probably a patio to sit and knit? Maybe a balcony to overlook a garden of fruit trees while sketching? Yeah... a new house would work well. ^_____________^

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