Saturday, October 6, 2007

Miu~ on facebook

It's awful weather:- howling winds, uprooted traffic lights, bent trees, falling road signs. All appointments were cancelled; I was home (almost) the whole day (still manage some grocery shopping!) and I did 3 pieces of graffiti on facebook's superwall (it's an application that allows you to make send drawings/messages with brushes like how we did with the old ).) I drew Miu~ the optimistic cat (again!). They must realise I am terribly glued to the laptop.

I raced a virtual pet on facebook (aka (fluff)Friend) over 60 times over 10 hours to earn some virtual money. Such an animal abuser. I even gave the poor giraffe 2 shots of coffee to help it race better! Awfullllll me. I'm still praying the weather would be better tomorrow, so I can check out a few places in Taipei, but weather reports are clearly asking people to get real and stop wishing for the rain and wind to go away. I'll have loads of time to work on a friend's wedding invitation! Yippieee~~~

The brief: "Something auspicious, preferably red, without being TOO red." Huh, it's a little ambiguous here, but I'm very excited about the opportunity to be involved in their wedding. It's just 2 months away! Such a rush, I should get on it as soon as possible.

I'll do a post when it's ready. :)

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