Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Getting the same things in different colours...

Well, if you have the habit of buying the same items in different colours, please drop a note here. You are not alone! (though I could well be the only queer one).

I used to buy shoes and pants in different colours when I find a good fit. Sometimes I am even tempted to buy 2 of the same pair of shoes (and I mean IDENTICAL) but I quickly stop myself. When the only pair wears out, it's always too late to replace it (I hope fashion can be less seasonal!).

Yes, boring, resistant to change, predictable, that's what my friends would call me when they go shopping with me. I'd prefer adjectives like "classic" and "sentimental". Ahhh... do I hear some cheer from the like-minded? ^___^

When the same habit translates to craft supplies, it becomes a different story though. We may need paint, colour pencils, pastels in full palettes, but to get the same printed fabric in all available colours? Even I am finding it a little too indulgent. For all being said, I still indulge. (okie you can slap me...)

I had tried to stop but I just can't (searching for self-dicsiplline. See? I can't even spell it properly.) The only way to go on is to figure out what to do with them. I use very little fabric (as of now), so I have to find ways to use more. I have a close friend who exercises frantically to enjoy loads of high calorie food; I think I am close to grasping her theory. Haha...

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